The Sticky Situation That Self Love Can Be

You’ve got to learn how to pull yourself up out of the mud. You will find yourself there, time and time again. Uncomfortably forging yourself deeper into a hole that you probably dug on your own. Surprisingly, it’s not the digging we need help with… it’s getting out of the hole. Our egos break us down just as ruthlessly as our enemies do. We either convince ourselves that we deserve to wallow in this hole or that we are undeserving of help. Bouts of paranoia trick us into thinking that there is no one on this great green Earth willing to come to our aid especially without any ulterior motives.

Protect yourself from your own thoughts.

Changing your state of mind effectively changes everything about whatever unfortunate situation you find yourself in. A lot of times we expect change to just happen on its own and we refuse to take any responsibility for how we got in the situation in the first place…. which is typically because of one single thought, or even a series. Everything begins with intent. With a thought alone. Whether you are telling yourself you don’t need any in help in a situation wherein you would clearly benefit from some. Or maybe you are trying to persuade yourself that “everything is okay” when it obviously isn’t.

Either way, take it from me…. despite how low and helpless you may feel. You are not alone. Do not blindly go through this life thinking that you are the only one experiencing such pain or misfortune. Do not settle for the notion that there is no one out there who cares enough to stand by your side.

Change your mind-state and change your reality.

You are worthy or love and you are deserving of help… not just from others but from yourself as well.


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