Discussion Thread 

Taking this time to connect with my followers and hopefully make some new ones in the mean time.

As a writer I am constantly searching for new inspiration and topics as I’m sure you are as well. 

So here are some questions to spark some informative and influential building in the comment thread of this post:

What personally sparked your journey along the road of self growth? And what keeps you motivated from day to day along the journey?

For me … I have always had a strong desire to help people.I realized in my early 20’s that the only way I could be of any use to others was if I started reflecting inward and growing as an individual. This helped me improve my self love and I began practicing mindfulness in order to keep the focus on positive thoughts and a positive/productive self image. Since then I have grown tremendously and continue doing so to this day. It encourages me to remember that growth is a constant state along this journey. I will never be finished and perfection is not the goal. Mastering my self and my mind is an everday effort from which I can learn lessons to apply to the world around me.

What about you?


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