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We are here. We are experiencing life alongside one another. Let’s make our journeys enjoyable and encourage other travelers to do the same. Join me on #TheEarthyExperience manifesting positive results from positive intent.  Join Us Advertisements

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Keep you energy and your spirits up today mom!! I’m sure you had a fun and tiring weekend and while some enjoy an extended weekend…you’re probably back to your weekly scheduled programming of balancing #mom and #business. Your plate is full enough as it is so cut toxic people from your circle and watch your […]

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Discussion Thread 

Taking this time to connect with my followers and hopefully make some new ones in the mean time. As a writer I am constantly searching for new inspiration and topics as I’m sure you are as well.  So here are some questions to spark some informative and influential building in the comment thread of this […]

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Time Lapse

Forever was once an illusion Now I stand in the face of endless possibilities Forever being one of them We can touch the present with our fingertips And forever with our minds Thinking of wonders and beauty beyond the flesh Can you feel these things with heart body and soul? Can you take the energy […]

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