Make sure your energy and your space is clear and clean. Our emotional state is a reflection of our physical.  Sustain your Self, your Energy, and your Environment.  😌🌻🌿☀🌍🌙😌 Advertisements

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Still I Smile

So I woke up in a extra good mood because today I officially launch my online loc and braid jewelry boutique #kenyattasjewels !! A seed I planted (neglected for a while) and have tended to in order to bare some fruits of success. I’ve always had a tendency to leave goals and tasks incomplete but I have definitely grown and put my procrastination to the side.

Of course for the sake of balance the universe has been throwing me curve balls all day. From leaving my daughter’s car-seat to faulty Wi-Fi every endeavor I have made to be proactive today has been interrupted. Naturally I would cave in and just thrown my towel in and retreated ….but not today! Today I am still smiling, still breathing, still focused

And for that

I am still thankful.

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As unstable as I have been 

Stability shouldn’t be so hard to come by. Frightening because I’m 27 years old with a 6 month old. I shouldn’t be stretched so thin. I barely have anything left to give I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed. This is not acceptable.  I have got to find some ways to gain back control of my Self. […]

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Discussion Thread 

Taking this time to connect with my followers and hopefully make some new ones in the mean time. As a writer I am constantly searching for new inspiration and topics as I’m sure you are as well.  So here are some questions to spark some informative and influential building in the comment thread of this […]

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